Yuxiang ZHAO
Yuxiang ZHAO (2021-22 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: China International Capital Corporation, Hong Kong
Current position: Analyst, Debt Capital Market

The prestigious MSc in Finance Programme has equipped me with cutting-edge knowledge and practical techniques that are both essential in job seeking and also future work. You will enjoy communicating with professors from different cultural background with extensive experience in research and industry in such a scenic campus.

Besides, over 2000 alumni throughout the financial field will enable you a strong network, and they are willing to offer precious advice when you are not clear about your future path. In a word, you will never regret joining MSc in Finance Programme!

Zhuowei ZHANG (2021-22 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: China Securities International, Hong Kong
Current position: Associate

It’s been a great and fruitful experience. I have found all the professors and staff to be incredibly friendly during the whole curriculum. Despite the difficulties posted by COVID-19, the school managed to provide a memorable and constructive experience towards the degree and career future.

The programme is a well-designed mix of not only academic theories, but also realistic industry insights. Moreover, the excellent career services such as mock-interviews and one-to-one coaching are credibly informative and highly helpful in building career plans and securing an ideal job.

Sincerely grateful for all the professors and college staff for their unwavering support throughout our journey at the university. I would without hesitation to recommend HKUST to anyone.

Edison KE
Edison KE (2018 - 19 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: ByteDance, Shanghai
Current position: Strategy & Investment Senior Manager

The program's well-designed curriculum equipped me with a wide range of academic knowledge and pragmatic skills in finance and investment. Professors with prestigious academic backgrounds and rich industry experience have a deep understanding of the latest investment industry trends and always put cutting-edge academic research and textbook theories to real-world practice.

The career service, shared with HKUST’s top-tier MBA program, was absolutely the best amongst all MSc programs that I’ve heard of. Especially the one-on-one career coaching with Director-level employees of famous financial institutes provided us with tailored plans and strategies for breaking into our dream industries.

I’m grateful for the days and nights spent with my classmates in the sea-view library and 24-hours breakout rooms, in which I learned a lot and made many good friends. The program office was very supportive. The staff responded to our requests in a timely manner and helped us to solve all sorts of problems. I'm really happy that I made the right decision in joining this program!

Clifford NG
Clifford NG (2018 - 2019 Intake, Part-time)
Company & location: Nanyang Commercial Bank, Hong Kong
Current position: Senior Investment Product Specialist

I am delighted that the program has not only equipped me academically, but also helped me to gain the latest industry insights from the many electives that were taught by professionals such as a multinational expert in commercial real estate financing and a hedge fund manager, who specialized in investment strategies. Despite the fact that all of the knowledge is yet to be applied at work, for someone like me who has chosen an investment career, a solid foundation in different relevant areas has been built.

In line with the motto that “Opportunities are reserved for those who are well-prepared,” I’m truly ready to meet challenges and opportunities with confidence.

Sienna CHEN (2017 - 18 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: BNP Paribas, Hong Kong
Current position: Investment Banking Analyst

During my study, I was positively influenced by my classmates who came from diversified backgrounds. They shared their experiences and knowledge with me; networking with excellent students and professors have pushed me further. The program provides different kinds of career services such as company visits, recruitment talks, soft-skill training, one-on-one coaching, an informative recruiting board, etc. The excellent career services and competitive peers were important factors that helped me succeed in securing a job.


Jay HA (2016 - 17 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: Citi, Hong Kong
Current position: Senior Associate

The program was a great combination of financial theories and practicality. It gave me a fresh perspective on current issues and the intricacies of the financial sector. The diversity and the intensity of the program enabled me to start a career in Hong Kong.

The courses and the professors actually helped me to chalk out my career path. For instance, the "Sustainable Investing" class sparked my interest in the field of sustainability within the financial sector, which led me to a part-time internship at Robeco.

I believe such experience has been a huge factor in my landing job at Natixis C&IB, which stresses social sustainability in their business model.

The support from the MSc Program Office was great. Whenever I needed help or had a question the team would be always there to assist me. Without such support, I believe I would have wasted a huge amount of time gathering information and figuring things out.

Clément DUMUR
Clément DUMUR (2014-15 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: Credit Suisse, Switzerland
Current position: Vice President

The program has been an incredible experience. As a foreigner in Hong Kong, I have been able to learn about a new culture and at the same time to drastically improve my knowledge of finance. The quality of the teaching faculty and the course contents are flawless and focus on academic excellence.

One of my favorite classes was "Trading in Equity Markets" with Prof. Mohammed Apabhai, Director of Citigroup Trading Strategies. It was a perfect mix between technical knowledge and practical views about the industry. The HKUST campus is wonderful, and it was a real privilege to study every day in that environment. HKUST taught me to never have dreams, but to always have goals.

Evan ZHANG (2014 - 15 Intake, Full-time)
Company & location: Alibaba Group, Shanghai
Current position: Investment Manager

It has been a great privilege to become one of the first batch of full-time students of the program. Everything seemed new and exciting, and we were all very keen on specially designed course content.

I also appreciated the efforts of the MSc Programs Office since the admission interview. There were clear and thorough instructions for every key step we had to take. I felt well supported during the entire year of my study.

Polina DZYUBA (2014 - 15 Intake Full-time)
Company & location: Macquarie Group, New York
Current position: Senior Associate, Infrastructure and Real Assets

As a foreigner in Hong Kong with no local language skills, I initially experienced several difficulties while looking for a job here. My career advisor was very helpful in preparing me for interviews and I was very lucky to have her assistance. Everything I learned during the program was extremely important and helpful. I was well-prepared even for the most challenging interview questions.