Message from Academic Director

Chen Zhanhui

Our MSc in Finance (MFin) program prepares you for the exciting challenges that await you as a finance professional. We cover all of the critical areas in investment management and financial analysis. You will learn modern techniques and frameworks that sharpen your financial decision-making skills. Our world-class faculty and experienced industry practitioners will inspire you to tackle real-life finance problems with analytical rigor and creativity, and you will learn how to develop innovative, value-creating solutions to practical problems.

Our MSc program builds on the excellence of HKUST's Department of Finance, which is renowned for its research since its inception in 1991. It is the only finance department in the Asia-Pacific region whose research activities have been consistently ranked in the top 30 globally over the last three decades. You might well learn a few cutting-edge ideas from our faculty even before they are incorporated into the finance industry.

Our MSc programs have a proud history of excellence for more than 20 years. Historically, our MSc in Investment Management (MSc IM) program has operated on a part-time basis since 1996; the MSc in Financial Analysis (MSc FA) program was added in 2002; the full-time MSc IM program was launched in 2014. Since 2020-21 intake, both of our prestigious programs namely MSc IM and MSc FA programs have been integrated into our exciting new MSc in Finance (MFin) program. We have streamlined the programs while keeping the strengths of both. These programs have trained and graduated well over 2,000 students, many of whom have taken up key roles and been impactful figures in the finance industry. Our alumni tell us that our MSc programs are the most important investment they have made in their careers. Come join their ranks through the MFin program!

Hong Kong sits at the very center of finance for Asia and much of the world and at the confluence of East and West. It is an exciting and dynamic city, constantly adjusting to the rapidly-changing world of finance. Our rebranded MFin program will help you develop a global view of finance, and jump-start your career in the finance industry.

Prof. Zhanhui Chen
MFin Academic Director